The Very Hard Flappy Purple Bird Escape FREE

This game starts hard and it gets harder and harder! The Flappy Purple Bird is a comic style flying bird and he lives in the country. You help him fly with your tap on the screen. With every tap the bird fly a bit higher and you help him to eat all the cherries. But avoid the ravens, the top and the floor – every touch with them will end the game.

Every fly to one side gives you 1 point and every sweet red cherry gives you 5 points. You can challenge your friends and post your highscore to the Game Center or Twitter.

The Very Hard Flappy Purple Bird Escape FREE


  • Very addictive gameplay
  • Popular game mechanic
  • Save the highscore
  • Game Center worldwide highscore
  • Post scores to Twitter
  • Only one version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download it today and play it for FREE! Available on the AppStore

Self Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis; is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration (trance), with the willingness to follow simple or complex instructions.

Are you troubled or just stressed out with the fast pace of today’s world? You are not alone! Join thousands of other men and women who have improved their life with self-hypnosis.

Inside you find the following 6 self hypnosis audios:

  • Amazing Learning – 15 minutes
  • Dreams Come True – 16 minutes
  • Quit Smoking – 16 minutes
  • Total Relaxation – 18 minutes
  • True Love – 14 minutes
  • Weight Loss – 18 minutes

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Mike Hammer

Did you always want to serve a pneumatic hammer? Then this simulation is exactly what you searched for. Start the pneumatic hammer and all your friends will grab your iPhone and start it too. The application is free and makes much fun.

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Stop The Clock

Stop The Clock is all about to see the numbers counts up and you stop the counter on 1000. That sounds easy? It’s a lot harder than you think. Hit the start button and press stop at 1000 – that’s all. You get this funny game free – so start loading and check it out!

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Auto Blog Videos

Auto Blogging – the easy way to free content.

Now you can set up an automated blog using Blogger. find out a little secret i figured out that will let you create an automated blog using blogger. best of all – it is all free!

You might be wondering why people would write content and allow others to use it as content on their blogs. They allow it because there are links back to their site within the content which allows them to potentially steal some of your traffic. But that is the price of auto blogging. You get free content and a good number of your visitors will stay on your site.

Auto blogging use to be the exclusive domain of WordPress and sites created with Joomla. But now I have found a way that you can use Blogger to create automated blogs.

In this video series I will show you exactly how to set everything up to bring automated content into your blog. You will need to do about thirty seconds worth of editing on each article brought in, but this is an easy task that you can do every couple of days for just a few minutes. A small price to pay for free content.

Available in a few days in the iTunes Store for $0.99

Advance Blogger


In recent months Google’s Blogger has made great strides in functionality and flexibility. Quite some time ago Google introduced Gadgets. These are handy little functions that enhance the usefulness of your blog. But over time something wonderful has happened. People have started writing gadgets because the want to enhance their own blogs. These enhancements have been made available for everybody to use free of charge. Sometimes you have to dig a bit but now you can enhance a Blogger blog to do almost anything you can do in WordPress.

And there is more. Most people don’t know that you can change the theme of your Blogger Blog to look any way you want it to look. There are literally thousands of free Blogger templates out there that you can use.

How cool is that? Now you can create a great looking blogger blog in a few easy steps and hide that ugly bar up on top! Another thing about Blogger that has been available since near the beginning is that you can set up your own domain name. Instead of you can use your own domain name (no hosting required). Like this: At first this appears to be a bit complicated to set up – but I’ll walk you through the whole process to make it easy for you!

Available in a few days in the iTunes Store for $0.99



Finally! An easy way to set up an ecommerce store. Cubecart allows you to set up a powerful store front for either physical products or digital products without all the complexity of other shopping cart systems.

In this 4 part video series I will go through the process of setting up a downloadable product store step by step. These video tutorials show you in 45 minutes all the steps from start to finish in an easy to follow manner. Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How To Install Cubecart On Your Server
  • How To Set Up A Downloadable Product Store
  • How To Configure Your Site
  • How To Update the Look Of Your Site.
  • 4 Step-by-step videos with 45 minutes
  • and much more…

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For heaven’s sake, don’t settle for blogs anymore! Now you can use a simple yet powerful content management system that enables you to let others build your content for you. This brand new 4 part video series takes you through the process step by step.

A great way to build your content is to set up a site where others can contribute their thoughts or stories to your readers. This gives you free content with no effort required on your part (other than moderation of that content).

Constantly changing content brings the search engines crawling and improves your rankings in those search engines, thus increasing your profits (be it Adsense, CPA or product sales). As long as your content is related to the topic of your site you will attract the right type of visitors.

That is why you need to use a content management system rather than a blog. Having the right content management system makes all of this a breeze. Having one that is powerful yet simple and intuitive is the key. And the CMS I suggest you use is Geeklog. Geeklog encompasses all of the elements I went over above. It is extremely powerful but remarkably easy to set up and maintain.

In this four part video series you will learn everything you need to know to set up your Own Geeklog Site in less than an hour!

Available in a few days in the iTunes Store for $0.99

300 Social Media Tactics

Discover 300 Powerful Social Media Tactics You Can Implement To Your Business Right Now For More Traffic, Leads & Sales…

Even if you know one of these tactics, there’s 299 more tactics you can implement within a few minutes from now. In this application you’ll find the tactics sorted in four categories:

1) Twitter Tactics: Twitter has become one of the most used social media sites, where people network and stay in touch.

2) StumbleUpon and YouTube Tactics: StumbleUpon is a high traffic social media site that’s easy to use and can be very effective if used right. YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world. With millions of viewers, it’s a no-brainer to tap into this high traffic source.

3) Digg and Squidoo Tactics: Digg is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites that’s used by millions of people around the world. It’s easy to use, and you can starting „Digging“ right away. The fact is, Google LOVES Squidoo Lenses. You can easily rank for your keywords by creating „Squidoo Lenses“.

4) YahooAnswers and LinkedIn Tactics: With Yahoo Answers you tap into this high traffic source that most Internet marketers overlook. Over 40 million people use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities, so why not use it in your marketing strategy?

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Animal Voice Quest

Animal voice: Do you know the sounds of the animals? Or do you have children? Then this is the right animal voice quiz for you and your children. In three difficulty stages the animal voices are played and you have to know the correct animal. Who wins the race as first everything to recognize?

FREE Available in the iTunes Store – Click Here!