Gravity Jumper In Outer Space

The Gravity Jumper is a never ending planet hopper game. You have to fly from planet to planet by simply tapping the screen to fire your rocket and leave the planets gravity.

The smaller the next planet is the more points you get and points are also awarded for distance travelled. But keep an eye on you fuel but don’t worry new fuel always drops between 2 planets so it’s always accessible for your rocket.

With the game progress it goes harder by increasing speed and fewer planets comes up. Also planets will start to disappear making it harder the longer you survive. How long can you fly and how many planets can you visit?


  • Never ending gameplay
  • Very funny to play
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Easy to learn but goes harder and harder
  • Fun sounds and music
  • Awesome space graphics

Load it FREE for Android – CLICK HERE – Load it for Android – CLICK HERE

Load it FREE for Apple – CLICK HERE – Load it for Apple – CLICK HERE

(All FREE versions are sponsored with a few commercial ads)

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