Rolling Ghost – Collect The Stars

If you looking for a very exiting and addictive game with an easy to learn gameplay than the Rolling Ghost is right for you!

Your mission is to feed the ghost with the stars. To roll the ghost you have only to tap the left and the right side of your device. But watch your speed!

Sounds to simple? Try it out and you have to learn that the way isn’t really comfotable to go. You need a lot of nerves to lead your ghost to the end of every level.

The game includes 40 levels from easy to extreme – can you finish them all?


  • 40 very addictive levels from Easy to Extreme
  • Cool music and stunning sound effects
  • A Nice Game to fill your free time
  • The game train your brain and 3D abilities

Load it FREE for Apple – CLICK HERE – Load it for Apple – CLICK HERE

(All FREE versions are sponsored with a few commercial ads)

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