Go Rabbit Go – The Crazy Veggie Run

Mister Rabbit is hungry all the time and he missed the vegetable supplier. But he’s in luck – the grocery sack was to full and a lot of vegetables are on the street or in the trees. Collect all the vegetables to feed the hungry Mr. Rabbit.

Don’t touch the truck, the trash or the farm tractor or you lose.

As you progress through the game, it will become harder to keep up… improve your skills and master all the obstacles and collect as many vegetables as you can.

This is a game for the whole family and brings you a lot of fun and entertainment.


  • Easy to learn – only jump and run
  • Progressively harder gameplay
  • Very cute graphics
  • Cool sounds and music
  • Save and load automatically your progress

Load it FREE for Android – CLICK HERE – Load it for Android – CLICK HERE

Load it FREE for Apple – CLICK HERE – Load it for Apple – CLICK HERE

(All FREE versions are sponsored with a few commercial ads)

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