New York Mad Taxi Driver

You are a the driver of the New York Mad Taxi and that’s not easy. You have not only to make your passengers happy, but you have to beat the clock and the traffic too. You need mad driving skills to don’t crash with the other cars.

To change the lane you simply tap right or left the screen and if you tap both sides you can jump! Each time you reach the checkpoint the game get’s faster and harder!

Do you want to experience the great pressure and enjoy the adrenaline rush? Then get New York Mad Taxi Driver today, and see if you can become the best driver in town.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easy to drive: left, right and jump
  • Easy to learn for all ages
  • Funny graphics
  • Cool sounds and music

Load it FREE for Android – CLICK HERE – Load it for Android – CLICK HERE

Load it FREE for Apple – CLICK HERE – Load it for Apple – CLICK HERE

(All FREE versions are sponsored with a few commercial ads)

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